Commercial Grade Treadmill Vs. Home Treadmill: Which Is Better?

In the present time, the craze of the treadmill is on the top. Instead of going out for a walk, people prefer walking or running on the treadmills inside the room. Most people even buy a treadmill for their homes. And we are sure many of them must not be aware of the fact that there are two different types of treadmills available in the market. One is meant for home purposes, while the other is specifically created to be used for commercial purposes.

The commercial treadmills are exclusively used in clubs and gyms while the home treadmills are bought by people who love working out at their homes. We believe there might be some valid reasons for creating two different types of treadmills. If you want to know about both the commercial as well as home treadmills, then you are in the right place. Here, in our article, we have some information about treadmills. We are going to talk about the differences between both types of treadmills. We will also help you find out which one would be better for you. So, without any further delay,

let us start.

Commercial Grade Treadmill vs. Home Treadmill

What is a Commercial grade treadmill?

The Commercial treadmills are such treadmills that are specifically designed to withstand intense and frequent usage. These uses may include heavy traffic of a hotel gym or a health club. Commercial treadmills are usually manufactured using materials of higher quality. They require a minimum amount of maintenance. The commercial-grade treadmills come along with a good warranty offer by the manufacturer. If pricing is not a problem for you, then you even buy a commercial grade treadmill for your residential usage.

What is a Home treadmill?

A Home treadmill is created for residential workout purposes. Such treadmills are conveniently-sized so that users will not have to face any problem while placing the treadmill inside the home. The home treadmills are equipped with numerous features that offer workout guidance to the users so that they can work out properly without any trainer’s help. If you are someone who prefers working out at home, we suggest you go for a home treadmill. It would be the life-changing decision of your entire life.

What are the differences between the Commercial grade treadmills and Home treadmills?

Believe it or not, but there are numerous differences between the commercial-grade treadmills and home treadmills. The performances of both types of treadmills vary a lot more than you might imagine.

Below, we have mentioned some of their differences in detail.

  • The differences in the motors of commercial-grade and home treadmills: As far as the treadmills are concerned, the motor is one of the most crucial things. It is not an unknown fact that the performance of the treadmills particularly depends upon the motor. The size of the motor plays a major role in this matter. If we talk about the home treadmills, usually, a treadmill of 1.5 HP is considered enough. On the other hand, the commercial treadmills require a motor of more than 3 HP, which a lot more than the home treadmills. In some cases of the commercial treadmills, the horsepower can reach up to 7 HP. Therefore, we can say there is a major difference between the motor of the home treadmills and the commercial treadmills’ motor.
  • The differences in the speed slopes of commercial-grade and home treadmills: As we have mentioned above, the commercial treadmills are supported by extremely powerful motors, and hence they have a higher running speed. They have a 20 percent more running speed as compared to the home treadmills. You would be surprised to know that the commercial treadmills can read up to 20 kilometers per hour and sometimes even more. Additionally, the commercial treadmills support the adjustment function of the larger slope. On the other hand, the home treadmills have a moderate speed rate and do not support the slope’s adjustment function. When compared to the commercial treadmills, the home treadmills possess a much lower adjustment room. That’s pretty much about the differences of speed slopes in the commercial and home treadmills.
  • The differences in appearances: If we see from the public’s view, the commercial treadmills have consistent designs that will suit most people’s choices. They are created to have a general atmosphere and maintain good aesthetics. On the other hand, home treadmills have the tendency to be personalized and come in a variety of designs. This means the users can personalize the home treadmills on the basis of their preferences and choices.
  • The differences in the Frames: If we talk about the commercial-grade treadmills, they have a fixed frame, which is meant for heavy-duty purposes. This is the reason why the commercial-grade treadmills can be used for 24 hours in the gyms or health clubs. The weight of the treadmill frame can vary between three hundred to six hundred Lbs. We would also like to inform you that the frame’s weight usually depends on the brand and model of the treadmill. If we talk about the home treadmills, the frame of such treadmills can either be folded. It is very light as compared to the commercial-grade treadmills. The frame of the home treadmills can have a weight of fewer than three hundred Lbs.
  • The differences in the weight holding capacity: On most of the models, the home treadmill is designed to accommodate up to 300 Lbs. of weight. On the other hand, the commercial-grade treadmill can sustain up to 500 Lbs. of weight. Moreover, some of the commercial-grade treadmills models are specifically designed to sustain up to 600 Lbs. Such treadmills are used for rehab purposes.
  • The differences in the Lubrication: As far as the home treadmills are concerned, there is a wooden deck present that possesses a lubricant having the tendency to last for several years. It is suitable for one or two people using the treadmill a few times in one week. For the home treadmills, you will have to purchase a silicon lubricant and spray it on the decking present below the belt of the treadmill. This will make your treadmill last for a longer period. If we talk about the commercial-grade treadmills, they possess a deck system that has the tendency to lubricate itself. This is done by the help of the lubricant pouch that is meant to be sprayed after several hours of using the treadmill. The commercial-grade treadmill requires a lot more lubrication as compared to the home treadmills.
  • The differences in the Tread belt: If we talk about the home treadmills, they carry a 2-ply tread-belt. With a belt size similar to the 20×55, the home treadmills are quite comfortable. On the other hand, the commercial-grade treadmills possess much longer tread-belts for the purpose of running. Most of the commercial-grade treadmills come along with a 4-ply tread-belt. Usually, a belt size of 22×60 is made for such treadmills.
  • The differences in the features: Unlike the home treadmills, the commercial-grade treadmills possess multiple superior luxurious features. These days, most of the commercial-grade treadmills come along with HD- TV, touch screen display, iPod/iPhone compatibility, entertainment applications, interactive courses, and whatnot.
  • The differences in the prices: Doesn’t matter the type of the treadmill, the pricing depends upon the brand manufacturing the treadmill. You will find both the home treadmill as well as the commercial-grade treadmill at high-end and inexpensive rates. The choice is all yours.

Home Treadmill or Commercial grade treadmill; which one should you buy?

Suppose you are someone who is an introvert and prefers doing exercises at home rather than going out. Then, we would suggest you buy a home or residential treadmill for yourself. The home treadmills are best for people who have a low budget. There are numerous brands and models available in the market of home treadmills. But, if you are someone who has no issues with the budget, then a commercial-grade treadmill would be best for you. It will stay for a very long time in your home. As we have mentioned above, commercial treadmills are high in terms of quality. Therefore, purchasing a commercial-grade treadmill will give you benefits in the long term.

Bottom line

The bottom line here is that the treadmills are extremely beneficial for the health of the people. There are so many people who lose a lot of weight using treadmills. If you are about to buy a treadmill for yourself, we have some pieces of advice for you – No matter what, always try to go for the best products in the market. Do not forget to read the reviews and ratings given by the existing users. This will help you select the best quality treadmill that, too, at a much lower price. We hope our article proves to be helpful for our readers. Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!