Different Types of Treadmill and Their Benefits

Sometimes, it is not possible to out for a run. It can be because of the weather or any other constraint. In such a case, having a treadmill at home can be quite beneficial. The treadmill can help you in the running at home without having to worry about any constraints. You can burn the extra calories you consumed in the dinner by quickly getting on to the treadmill. One challenge that each buyer faces is the type of treadmill they should buy. There are different types of treadmill available in the market, and this makes a choice difficult. Today, we are going to talk about different kinds of treadmills; we are also going to discuss some of their benefits.

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Different Types of Treadmill

Different Types of Treadmills

Here are all the different kinds of treadmills available in the market.

Magnetic Treadmill

Magnetic treadmills are nothing but the manual treadmills. The belt moves once you start walking on it, and the belt stops once you stop running. Some of these models may not offer any kind of adjustments, while others may let you adjust the incline angle and load. These treadmills may also have breaks. These treadmills are quiet, and they are also very efficient.

If you are worried about the budget and if you wish to keep the cost low, manual treadmills can be a perfect choice. There are two types of magnetic treadmills available in the market. One of them is the house treadmill, while the second one is the desk treadmill. These are the most basic types of treadmills, and they do not have a lot of electronic parts, so there is no provision of failure as well. 

Electric Treadmill

Here is the second categorization of the treadmills when it comes to the power source. We have earlier talked about the magnetic ones, and these are the electric treadmills. These treadmills are powered by electricity, and they have a motor that rotates the belt. The motor is interfaced with the speed controls, and hence you can control the speed as well. In most of these treadmills, there is a safety key that saves you from any injury. From the price perspective, these treadmills are slightly more expensive than the magnetic ones, but the extra price is worth it. They help you with precise control. Some of the electric treadmills even let you adjust the gradients.

If you are still in the process of choosing a treadmill, then you can invest in an electric treadmill. There are different kinds of electrical treadmills available in the market. The option includes the housing treadmill, club treadmill, desk treadmill, an anti-gravity treadmill. The feature will vary from one treadmill to another, and there is a lot of variabilities. Let us move ahead and learn more about the different types of electric treadmills below.

House Treadmill

If you are looking for a treadmill for personal use and wish to keep your budget lower, you can invest in a house treadmill. These treadmills are available in multiple options, and you can find them in the price range as per your budget. You will find the house treadmills that operate manually, and you will also find the electric treadmills in these types. You can buy basic versions to keep the cost low.

Many of these treadmills can be folded easily, and hence it offers ease of storage to you. If you do not have a lot of space in your home, then also you will not face any issues while using the house treadmill. Some of these treadmills even have MP3 players or FM players, which makes the workout fun for you. In the more basic versions, you will be able to adjust the gradient manually. Overall, house treadmills offer an excellent utility to the beginners, and it is certainly worth an investment. If you are looking for something available with better quality, you can move on to the next point and check out the club treadmills.

Club Treadmill

Club treadmills are the ones that are used in the gyms. One thing that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd is the quality. They have much higher quality, and they can take a lot of abuse. If you plan to do High-Intensity Cardio on your treadmill, it would be better to buy a Club treadmill. These treadmills also have a lot of functionality and programs. They are certainly more expensive than the house treadmill, but they are worth it. These treadmills have a more extended warranty, and they come with excellent customer support as well.

If you often like to adjust the gradient, then these treadmills come with hydraulic adjustments. The slope and the speed can be adjusted quickly. Installation is not a big deal, and they will give you the best experience. It is better to buy an electric treadmill that is designed for commercial gyms. Most of these treadmills also come equipped with a heart rate sensor. They capture a lot of data so that you can review your workout session.
Another advantage of investing in a club treadmill is that they have good quality shock absorbers. They reduce the strain from your knees and hence keeping you healthy. Some of these treadmills can help you with the gradient of as much as 25 degrees. In general, club treadmills are more prominent, and they are also stable at high speed. These treadmills feature a digital control and a higher load capacity.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Usually, a treadmill would exert a certain amount of pressure on the joints of the leg while running. This force can be a problem for the people who are going through rehabilitation. Moreover, the regular treadmill might not offer advancements that some of the professionals are looking for. In such a case, you can invest in an Anti-Gravity Treadmill. These are some of the most modern and innovative treadmills, but on the downside, they are costly. Only medical institutes, professional athletes, and similar organizations use them. Even astronauts use this treadmill while they are training for their missions.

These treadmills have a regular running belt at the bottom, on the section above the running belt, there is a chamber that needs to be filled with water. While you are running on the anti-gravity treadmill, your half body is immersed in the water. The advantage that this offers you is it reduces the pressure on the joints drastically. It also reduces the risk of injury, and since the resistance is higher, you end up burning more calories.

If you are not bothered about spending a crazy amount of money, you can invest in an anti-gravity treadmill, and it will do wonders for you. It is the best kind of treadmill that you will be able to buy with money. AlterG is the most popular vendor for such treadmills.

Desk Treadmill

People working in the tertiary sector have a sedentary lifestyle. They often sit for long hours in front of the desk, and a lack of physical activities invites a lot of lifestyle diseases. For such people, there is an innovative product available in the market. These are walking desks or treadmill workstations. These are like regular office desks, but they are designed to walk while working on his computer. As per research, users can burn about 100 to 130 calories per hour while using the desk treadmill.

A user can just walk at 2 miles per hour speed, and this doesn’t interrupt his work. The main advantage of these treadmills is that you can work while you are at your desk. It reduces obesity, and it promotes a healthy habit in the office goers. Another advantage of desk treadmills is that they do not occupy a lot of space. They are small, and they reduce the risk associated with the diseases caused by prolonged sitting.

Many designs are available in this type of treadmill, and you can explore the market to check out what suits your needs the best. You can even install this type of treadmill in your home office. If you own a small or a medium enterprise, you can also choose to have some dedicated workstations with this type of treadmill.

Final Verdict

By going through all these details, we are sure that you will be able to choose a treadmill for yourself. You can look at the different options, and you can select the one which suits your need. It is certainly better to buy a treadmill that offers you the versatility to adjust the physical conditions. A treadmill that enables you to adjust the gradient can help you prepare for hiking trips, and it can also help you in your weight loss journey.

All brands manufacture different kinds of treadmills. In such a case, it is worth choosing a treadmill from a reliable brand that also offers reliable after-sales services. With all this information, we are sure that you will now be able to make a choice. Thank You.