Folding Vs. Non-Folding Treadmills: Which Is Better?

Treadmills are the go-to option for people who want to achieve their fitness goals. There has been an abrupt rise in the popularity of treadmills in the last few years. Earlier, the treadmills were confined to the gym only. However, in contrast to the previous days, you will find a swift increase in the use of treadmills in almost every household. These equipments are the best option for people looking for developing core strength, endurance, and stamina. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a treadmill at your home? It eliminates the need to visit a gym after a tedious day at work. Whenever you feel like burning some calories, you can readily get up and go to the next room, without giving a second thought.

Selecting a piece of gym equipment is an extremely challenging task. Whether you are looking for dumbells, weights, cycles, or treadmills, you will have to consider numerous aspects before buying them. Apart from worrying about manual vs. electric treadmill, one of the most debatable and discussed topics is- the competition between a folding and non-folding treadmill. Different people have distinctive views on this topic. However, some of you might not be aware of all the attributes of both these kinds of treadmills.

Mostly, people search this question for adding new fitness equipment to their home, as gym trainers/coaches and management crew are already clear about their decisions. To add one more gym device to your home, you have to consider several aspects. The most significant concern of maximum people is the space availability at home. For people living in small spaces or private apartments, it is quite tricky to figure out an appropriate space to settle the device. Apart from concerning this topic, there are a few more features. Let us make it more convenient for you by starting with the basic meaning of a folding and non-folding treadmill. Next, we will be citing some essential benefits that these treadmills offer to make your decision crystal clear:

Folding Vs. Non-Folding Treadmills

What are folding treadmills?

A folding/fold-up/foldable treadmill is a gym equipment that enables you to fold it up and keep it securely in some other place. It is pretty much similar to the regular treadmills, except the fact that it could be folded upon itself.

What are the benefits that a foldable treadmill offers?

Foldable treadmill is a recent discovery in the world of fitness equipments. The reason to launch these versatile devices could not be the same old ones. There are some innovations that technicians have added for your betterment & for an effective performance of the device. Let us look at some benefits and limitations that a folding treadmill can offer us:


  • Space-saving feature: You can readily fold up a folding treadmill after using it. It is extremely convenient to fold it, and you can effortlessly mug up the technique accurately. All you need to do is to hold the two ends of the platform, fold it halfway, and raise the storage latch to fold it properly. Folding of the treadmill reduces the need of having a separate gym corner or room at your house. Even if you live in a space-bound area, you will never have to think twice about considering a folding treadmill.
  • Effective cleaning of house: Have you ever felt tiresome to dust off or wipe the floor underneath the gym equipments? We understand, you cannot move a treadmill routinely to clean the space. It is an extremely strenuous task! However, you can ideally replace your regular treadmill with a foldable one to clean your home more effectively. By using a foldable treadmill, the area that used to be occupied by the regular treadmill now becomes clear. You can readily wipe it regularly without having to worry about it. Having a foldable treadmill makes your home fresh and hygienic.
  • Portability: It is quite obvious that something that you can readily pick up the object and transfer it from one place to another if it is foldable. If you think that the weight could be an unmanageable issue, you are wrong! These treadmills are efficiently designed to have a compliant weight; therefore, you can readily carry it from one room to another. Most of them also come with wheels on them to transfer them to places. Now, you can practice cardio exercises anywhere you wish!
  • Cost-effective: These treadmills are remarkably affordable for people who are running short on budget. It will cost you around $500 to $1500 depending upon several other factors such as electric or manual, and availability of features. Electric foldable treadmills are usually more costly than the manual ones. However, you always have an option to explore different brands to select your favorite one. Isn’t it much better to experience the same fitness routine at a much lesser cost?
  • Versatility: You might think that with all these amazing attributes, it might lack in health and safety features. But, let me correct you; a foldable treadmill offers excellent features like heart rate, pulse, temperature, and calorie counting. Apart from the health inclined features, it has safety measures too. Have you ever wondered what will happen to the treadmill if it falls back from its folded position? To protect your treadmill against unwanted accidents, they come with a safety lock system too. You can also pick a treadmill with an automatic deck releasing feature.


  • Less stable: The foldable treadmills are portable; to be transferable, they are made from elements less stable than a regular treadmill. Sometimes, you can feel the vibration or shakiness of the treadmill if it has worn off.
  • Psychological factor: The stability factor of the treadmill has a direct effect on your psychological state of mind while working out. You will be in constant fear of falling and breaking your teeth. It is uncontrollable as you might fear the further consequences.
  • Less variations: As the foldable treadmills are comparatively newer to the market, they have fewer variations in them. Though you will find a good quality treadmill; however, the exploration of various brands is not possible as in the case of regular ones.

What are non-foldable treadmills?

Non-foldable treadmills, as the name suggests, do not fold upon it. They are sturdier and rigid in contrast to the foldable treadmills.


  • Features: A non-folding treadmill has various features such as heart rate, pulse, oxygen, calories, breathing, and many more health-related features. Other than this, it also has a safety belt or clip, and more resolute steel body. Also, it has a more powerful motor in contrast to the folding treadmills.
  • Weight-bearing: It is pretty reasonable for something sturdy to have more weight-bearing capacity. Therefore, a non-foldable treadmill can even bear the weight load of obese people.
  • More stable: These treadmills are not shaky. They are more well-built and stable, which makes them less shaky. Therefore, you can entirely rely on this treadmill without having any fear of accidental injuries.


  • More expensive: The non-folding treadmills are more expensive in contrast to the folding ones. It is because of their advanced feature, high endurance, and extreme durability. Usually, the non-foldable treadmills cost in between $15 to $300. You can readily select according to your budget as it has various manufacturer options.
  • Lack of tidiness: If you buy a non-folding treadmill, be ready to have a whole lot of accumulation of dust underneath the treadmill. One cannot simply move or lift a heavy treadmill routinely to clean the floor.
  • Non-portable: It is not efficient to carry these treadmills from one room to another. Unlike the foldable treadmills, these are not lightweight and readily liftable. Therefore, ensure yourself to miss a few workout sessions while you are on a trip.

How can I select an ideal treadmill for myself?

While picking an accurate treadmill for yourself, there are several points to consider. Almost all of them are mentioned above; but, if you are still not clear about it, let us discuss them in comparative form:

  • Motor power: Most often, the non-foldable treadmills have high endurance and motor power as in contrast to a foldable one.
  • Commanding function: Many manufacturers launch the non-foldable treadmills with built-in Alexa or command the following feature. You can readily ask the equipment to change the speed, time, height, and that’s it! It will follow all your commands.
  • Cost inexpensive: If you are strictly bounded by budget, we recommend you to go for a foldable treadmill. These treadmills almost offer all the features present in the non-foldable ones, except for a few of them.
  • Shock absorb: The non-foldable treadmills are a better shock absorber as we have already discussed about the tough structure of these equipments.
  • Maintenance: It is one of those factors that entirely depends on the mode of use. Some people might use the treadmills recklessly with extremely little maintenance, while a few others know how to take care of it. Experts recommend proper oiling and cleaning from time to time to ensure the smooth running of the treadmills.

We hope that you have a clear idea about both these treadmills till now. Happy shopping! you must check best running shoes for treadmill.