10 Common Treadmill Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to exercise, one of the common indoor equipment that comes in mind is a treadmill. It is easy to use a machine that you can use for walking, jogging, and running. No doubt that treadmill manufacturers put advantage features like small displays and incline modes to enhance the overall workout.

However, the functionality is almost similar in a premium and a cheap treadmill. When running or walking, you have to follow some of the necessary safety tips to avoid any sort of mistakes. There are so many things that you should be considering.

To avoid any postural problem or keeping your walking form perfect, follow the below-mentioned tips

Treadmill Workout Mistakes

1. Figure out Basics

As if it is your first time using a treadmill, it would be better to learn about the basics. You should start with a one-foot top on the side of the treadmill. Look for the safety clip and attach it to your clothes or your wrist. Look for an emergency stop button so you can press it in time of any problem. Observe speed and moving patterns; meanwhile, you can look for other controls like speed, incline, and more.

2. Do not Hunch your Shoulders

It is always a flaw among old age people who try the treadmill; they hunch shoulder and start looking down. It is a bad posture, and running like this is risky because you are getting less space to run. People with poor posture can face more problems while running. So, they should try out slower speed settings and walk with a proper posture. Keep your body in proper shape, and you will have a great experience.

3. Do not Hold on Handrail

The handrail is an important part of the treadmill, which comes in handy when you are out of balance. Some people start running using handrails and then make it their habit, but it is not a good choice. Taking support is bad because you are getting habitual, and it will affect your body posture. Due to this, use the handrail when you are out of balance, or you are new to a treadmill.

4. Do notOverstride

When you are overstriding, your front foot heel is touching the ground way earlier and creating an imbalance while running. You might be doing it the best way, but, in an attempt to run fast, you are not looking forward to body posture. Keep on doing the same can interrupt your body balance, and there are higher chances that you will fall from the treadmill. Overstriding is risky, and you can avoid it by maintaining a proper gap.

5. Do not Lean Forward

There is limited space on a treadmill, and the best position to walk or run is to stand in the central area. When you are leaning forward, you are trying to go close to the handrail, and it will affect your movement. Your feet will start touching the front area, and you can fall. Going forward also affects the zone you have for running. So, try to get the right spot for a proper workout.

6. Don’t forget to use your arms

While running at slow speeds, not moving your hand is common. But when you reach higher speeds, it is important that you move hands along with the body movement. It will give you a better balance, keep your body active, and help to burn higher calories in less time. Keeping yourself active for proper movement is necessary. You can start slow but then move arms as per the speed settings.

7. Know about your treadmill

Before getting started with the use of a treadmill, learning about the essential feature is an important aspect, start by learning about safety switches, speed controls, different modes, and other factors related to your entertainment. You can read the manual and start learning about the treadmill for effective usability for sure. Some features like the virtual ground on display can give you a better running experience.

8. Warmup Before jumping on

Before you start running on the treadmill, it would be a better choice to start working out and doing a little warmup. No doubt that when you are running at higher speeds, your body needs higher activeness, but if you haven’t done any warm up, you might face some problems. A little stretching, walk, and cycling can help you get a boost up and having a better experience.

9. Avoid Over speeding

Treadmills can reach higher speeds with ease, and if you are running at a way higher speed, you might find any problem, but when you are speeding than your limits, you are pushing it too hard. Chances of falling and having a minor accident are higher. To avoid this, learn about your limits and push them slow week by week. Running at a higher speed is not that good as running properly.

10. Don’t Get Distracted

Looking around while running on a treadmill is risky, and it is important that you don’t get distracted easily. The best option is to use your earphones and listening to music. However, wires can tangle and create more mess. That’s why try to go with wireless Bluetooth earphones and to enhance your overall experience while exercising. The common distraction for most people is people talking or any kind of activity which is going around so you must avoid that.


These are some hard to avoid tips, and you should be considering it to have a mesmerizing experience. You can choose between a range of treadmill options and get impressive advantages. For now, following some basic rules can help. Apart from these factors, you can go with safety gear and following the user manual offered by the manufacturer so that you don’t face any issue. Make sure that you stay selective with the walking form to reduce further problems. We hope that you will follow these tips to have a better walking or running experience on the treadmill.